You have a story to tell.

A singular tale woven together with sophistication and personality. A narrative that captures the unique message of your organization, blends it with energy and insight, and serves it up with visual delight.

You have a story to tell. And because your brand is like no other, it requires a video to match it.

I’m obsessed with great design and a stickler for details, but when all is said and done what I create are good stories. With a foundation in narrative filmmaking and a deep respect for all things visual, my work is rooted in the idea that clever sound bites and flashy images quickly fade-- what every good video has in its heart is a story.

Good stories are personal, sometimes even intimate. Their impact tends to stay with people long after the video ends, and have them coming back for more. Nothing turns an audience off more quickly than information, and nothing turns them on more quickly than the spirit of a brand captured and expressed in meaningful ways.

As a NYC-based video director and editor for the last fifteen years, I've created a wide range of video content for global brands such as Hennessy, Allure, Vogue, Bluefly, MTV, The Princeton Review, and Neiman Marcus.


Jason is a graduate of Columbia University's MFA film program, and lives in Brooklyn with his wife, two kids, and two adopted dogs.

In his spare time he reads about astrophysics, and takes pictures of New York City. (IG: jmw_video)